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Safe Popular Culture

Can you condemn Americans for voting into Congress a number of so called harmless popular culture videos? Just how can we as residents choose things that make us laugh, but make us ill? After all, what is funny when it pertains to national politics, faith, war or catastrophe? For democracy we are permitted to celebrate or lampoon any type of sort of federal government on the planet, however when it concerns our very own government, well, that’s just flat out absurd. Can you recognize why I am upset about this type of nonsense? The First Amendment was written to protect the right of our people to prayer openly and press freely to reveal their point of views. That right has actually been violated to the greatest level. Is it any type of wonder that the citizens of our country no longer think anything that they are told by our supposed leaders? If harmless popular culture was that great, then would not all the politicians be gone now? Certainly they aren’t, due to the fact that they recognize that if they lose their votes, they won’t win the White House in November, and they will certainly have failed as reps of their party. Can you believe all those Hollywood celebs, which are considered to be the greatest stars on the planet, recommended these video clips? As well as they are only utilizing this sort of trash home entertainment to promote their political celebration and to make some additional cash money en route out. I do not comprehend why anybody would certainly care to see this stuff. It makes me ask yourself if they are experiencing brain damage or memory loss. It is amazing that our media is being up to these dishonest levels. So, when will the pop culture sector be held liable for their destructive behavior as well as dangerous details? Recently I heard a rap song where the vocalist specified that all the political leaders are so silly and also corrupt, and also they should be thrown away of workplace. I discover this absolutely terrible and completely concur with him. Why is it that we allow our chosen officials to corrupt themselves by utilizing these safe pop culture products? The truth is that individuals require to vote, and they require to have an influence. However it isn’t just politicians that require to be mindful concerning what they claim on the internet, it’s almost any type of sort of market. If they don’t like what they are being told, or they seem like something is wrong, should not they be able to voice their opinion? Some state that popular culture is so effective that it surpasses all other kinds of media, as well as maybe it does, yet do we really intend to stay in a world where every little thing is polluted by harmless pop culture? That is such a ridiculous idea, yet if it is our choice, I think we can all rejoice that it isn’t. There is no reason to hold safe pop culture above all others, as the world contains bad information, as well as we need to filter our details to make certain that we are getting the right info, and also not the inaccurate info. That is just how we become better people. Pop culture may be here to remain, as well as I think that is an advantage, although it can likewise provide enjoyment as well as amusement for some. It is unfortunate though that many individuals consider it a curse, because there is a lot great popular culture available. The issue with some individuals is that they attempt to take things as well as push them onto others, and that is bad. It’s like them claiming that the sky is dropping and also it’s no fun to enjoy.
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